Spey to Z - DVD

Spey to Z - DVD
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Understanding Traditional, Scandinavian & Skagit Style Spey Casting with a Single and Double-Handed Rod. TOPHER BROWNE, GREG PERSON, WAY YIN

In Spey to Z, Topher, Greg and Way have combined their years of teaching experience into a unique integrated approach towards Spey casting with Single and Two-Handed Rods.

Over the last ten years, Way’s primary interest has been developing an understanding of the mechanics of Spey casting based on the fundamental principles common to ALL fly casts. Spey to Z starts with the essentials of conventional single-hand overhead casts as pioneered by teaching greats like Mel Krieger, Joan Wulff, Bill Gammel, Bruce Richards, Al Kyte, and Macauley Lord. Spey to Z then takes the viewer through an easy to understand review of what key elements control overhead fly casts and how these elements relate to Spey casts with both single-handed and two-handed rods.

Topher, the former head instructor for the Spey casting program at the LL Bean Flyfishing school and a long-time Atlantic salmon addict, clearly and concisely covers the Scandinavian style of Spey casting. The origin of the style based on the particular challenges of salmon fishing in Scandinavia and the casting and fishing implications of using a shooting head with a two-handed rod are covered in detail, along with a detailed troubleshooting section.

Greg, who has been fishing the Pacific Northwest for steelhead since the early 1990’s, builds on the casting fundamentals covered by Way and Topher to present Skagit style casting using the “building block” approach established earlier in the DVD. Greg explores the origins of the Skagit style based on the equipment requirements for fishing for steelhead with heavy sink tips and large flies. A variety of the most useful Skagit style casts are taught, along with a detailed troubleshooting section. The advantages and disadvantages of each individual style of Spey casting are explained simply, with an emphasis on picking the right style and equipment to suit your fishing conditions.

The script for Spey to Z was carefully edited for more than 18 months. Each teaching point seamlessly flows into the next, and through a thoughtful menu layout the DVD format is used to its maximum advantage. Instruction is provided in language which is easy to understand.