Speyflies 101 - A Tyer's Primer DVD

Speyflies 101 - A Tyer's Primer DVD
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Learn to use modern materials and methods to tie Spey and Dee style flies that are true to 19th century character and style. You will also learn how to convert modern patterns to spey style patterns.

"In his concise step-by-step instructions, he reveals tricks that enable tiers to create practical fishing flies that are also artistically provacative. ...he makes sense of oft-frustrating techniques such as making hackle fibers sweep back, counter - ribbing, and creating teal flank collars. Significantly, he demonstrates the dressing of bronze mallard wings, perhaps the most troublesome aspect of tying traditional Spey flies..." John Shewey

By Guide, Steelheader and Master Speycaster Bob Blumreich.