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I do 3 rod sizes, a 7'-4wt, a 7'6"-5wt, and an 8'-6wt. All are 6 sided, two piece with two tips flamed cane with a in house down lock slide band reel seat using 6061 bar stock aluminum. Super Z style nickel silver ferrules. Snake Brand chrome snake guides and tip tops with hard chrome stripping guides.

I have dark walnut , light walnut, and light cherry for the reel seat fillers, buyer's choice on the wood. All rods have orange/black Jasper size "A" nylon thread which turns a deeper shade after being coated with varnish. The grips are flor grade cork with the 7' and 7'6" rod grips a cigar shape. The 8' rod has a Half Wells grip, or a Full Wells grip, buyer's choice. The blank has a tung oil based finish with the wraps coated with M.O.W. varnish. They come with a Mrs. RedShed flannel rod bag and a Landmark aluminum tube with a brass top.

My thoughts on cane cosmetics are, structural defects are removed but cosmetic blems are not. I just can't see throwing away a perfectly good piece of cane because it has surface blems that have zero bearing on the rod's worth as a casting and fish fighting tool.

Presently a two tip rod is $900.00. I do not ask for a deposit, with payment in full @ time of delivery. Payment can be cash, check, MO, or plastic. I do not accept PayPal

I do not give delivery dates. I get them done as fast as I can while dealing with owning a fly shop, family life, and trying to get some fishing time in here and there. As with my fly shop I have 100% buyer satisfaction. Thanks, Poppy



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