Highlander CX "Red Shed Special" Trout Speys

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Product Description

~ "Red Shed Special" color theme for the guide and butt wraps with a "Red Autumn" feather inlay Only Red Shed Specials will be built this way !!!

~ Dark Titanium reel seats by Joel Lemke of Sutherlin, Oregon All with highly figured Turkish Walnut wood inserts

~ Milled Carbide TiCr strippers and Marine grade TiCr snakes

~ Premium Flor grade cork grips, each individually handed milled typical of RB Meiser profiles

~ R.B. Meiser logo Cordura case and padded sock

About the R.B. Meiser Highlander CX rods

The new RB Meiser Highlander CX rods will have the same action, and "Heart and Soul" of our highly acclaimed Highlander Classic series of two handed rods

The most noticeable difference when comparing the "C" series Highlander Classics (to the new CX series) will be their lightness in hand. All of the new CX rods will be 15% to 20% lighter in hand then our "C" series rods.

The new materials used for our new CX rods will not only reduce weight, but will also increase durability, generate a faster speed of recovery, and increased sensitivity The increased speed of recovery will give the rod a "crisper" feel, and the increased sensitivity will allow the caster to feel and sense the ultimately important, 100% connection to the rod's flex and energy throughout the entire delivery.

These combined characteristics will assist delivery capability <> Allowing longer achieved distances, and increased accuracy All with less expended energy required from the caster.

In addition ...The new materials used, and design characteristics for the new CX rods do also create broader grain windows This allowing extremely efficient delivery from a greater diversity of line systems.

The broader grain windows will also increase the ability to more effectively "tip" and "butt" cast the rod: This allowing equal efficiency from both finesse touch-and-go deliveries, to deeper loading sustained anchor scenarios.

In all regards <> These are the most caster friendly series of rods we have ever designed, and we are very proud of what they have become !!!

"Red Shed Special"() Michael Joe and Linda Lee Cummins