Gaelforce Equalizer Triple Density Scandi Heads

Gaelforce Equalizer Triple Density Scandi Heads
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Product Description

The Equalizer ETD range of sinking shooting heads are a very effective way of getting your fly to fish deeper in cold higher water conditions, still allowing for comfortable relaxed casting.The specifically designed tapers make this line range extremely easy to Spey or overhead cast, with the head lengths decreasing gradually as the densitity or sink rate increases making it easier to raise the faster sinkers from deeper pools.The Equalizer ETD has a continuous super smooth density change flow, designed with a higher proportion of the weight in rear section of the line makes for an easy sinking line casting experience.Triple density lines allow the tip section of your line to be fishing deeper than the rear section, eliminating the bow effect, a common flaw with a lot of sinking lines, this is when the front portion fishes higher the rear or middle portion. This generally occurs when a sunk line does not have density compensation incorporated into the manufacturing process and the middle or fattest portion of the line sinks deepest..The specific design of the Equalizer ETD line range incorporates the rear portion being of lesser density allowing you to better control the swing speed of the fly, also ultimately enabling you to fish the fly closer to the bank without the line coming to a stop midstream. All EqualizerETD lines have a very strong neat welded loop front and rear allowing easy changeovers or for adding tips, they pass through the guides with minimum disturbance..

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all Gaelforce products have been specifically tested in real world situations by experienced anglers.