Gaelforce Equalizer Touchdown Series Clearwater 70' Special

Gaelforce Equalizer Touchdown Series Clearwater 70' Special
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Product Description

Coming in September 2015

Gaelforce Equalizer Touchdown Series of longer belly heads have been specifically designed and developed with practicality, balance and efficiency in mind. This design enablers the angler to fish "fine and far off" with confidence producing a positive turnover and delicate presentation.

Gaelforce Equalizer Touchdown series incorporate some specialized design features.

Groundbreaking proprietary formula coating applied to super supple core, allowing line to float higher, and shoot further. Containing slickening agents which continuously migrates to the line exterior ensuring slickness and giving enhanced durability.

Front and rear welded loops for easy changerovers or for adding tips quickly.

Highly advanced tapering system, allows for perfect "equalized" balance during flight, creating tight loop formation and effective turnover at close range or distance, with or without tips


Cut & Weld Loop 15' From Front End