Gaelforce Equalizer 73' and 83' Spey Lines

Gaelforce Equalizer 73' and 83' Spey Lines
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Product Description

Gaelforce Equalizer supreme quality 73ft / 22.25m and 83ft / 25.29m head range was specifically designed and extensively tested with today’s modern angler in mind, a high performance durable line.

A superbly balanced, practical and user friendly Spey line range, comes in sizes 9/10# 10/11#

The authenticity of the designs for practical everyday use is guaranteed as all Gaelforce products have been specifically tested in real world situations by experienced anglers.


Cut & Weld Loop 15' From Front End
Gaelforce 73 and 83 Head Only Option
Cut as a Head Only--Minus $25.00=$110.00: