Angel Hair Hanks

Angel Hair Hanks
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Product Description

ANGEL HAIR™ is a very fine Mylar type material that is packaged in hanks. ANDY BURK uses ANGEL HAIR™ for his “HOT FLASH MINNOW” featured in FLY TYER magazine. With 6-8 inch strands ANGEL HAIR™ can be used for those big old billfish flies or cut it up for dubbing your small trout flies. It will add a little glitter to your old standbys. Tied in baitfish patterns like deceivers and clousers ANGEL HAIR™ seems to come alive in the water. But don’t over look using this material in salmon and steelhead flies as well as bass and panfish flies. ANGEL HAIR™ blends well with most other materials for dubbing and it doesn’t absorb water, so large flies dont get heavier.