Airflo Skagit Compact Head 2.0

Airflo Skagit Compact Head 2.0
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Product Description

Color: Mantis Green/Blue Grey

With the help of Tom Larimer, Airflo developed a series of Compact Skagit heads designed to throw big flies and sink tips in tight confined spaces. As a guide, Tom was able to work on the Skagit Compact heads in the field by having his guests fish them and making changes where necessary. It is important to note that the shorter a head is the more critical its weight becomes. By offering ten models, ranging from a 23 foot 450 grain head to a 26 foot 750 grain head Airflo has ensured there is a Skagit Compact 2.0 head that perfectly balances with any rod and casting style. With the incredible stresses put on each end of a Skagit head it is critical to have a loop that will hold up. All Airflo two hand lines come with the toughest, heavy duty, color coded loop system in the industry. Just loop your favorite running line and sink tip to the Skagit Compact and your are good to go.