Echo Glass Two Handers

Echo Glass Two Handers
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Product Description

Line recommendation:

10'6"-3wt--210 Scout or Rage

10'8"-4wt--270 Scout or Rage

12'9"-7wt--Skagit Compact=510--Scandi Compact=480

13'-8wt--Skagit Compact=570--Scandi Compact=510

NEW for 2015: Glass is back. Big time. All-new for 2015, we're stoked to introduce the ECHO GLASS TWO HAND, an expansion of our popular ECHO GLASS single hand series. Fiberglass Spey? Why? Good Question. Fiberglass recovers more slowly than graphite, giving the caster improved sensation of how the line is loading the rod. Enhanced feedback through the casting cycle results in a fun, effortless, bug launching. Sensitive tip for slinging surface patterns on a dry line, and plenty of "sneaky power" to catapult long, heavy sink tips with ultimate ease. ECHO GLASS TWO HAND rods are available in weights 6-8, ensuring you'll find a fit for your favorite fishery.

GLASS SPEY Rods feature:

Four piece travel design

Alignment dots for quick assembly

Matte chrome hardware

Classic up locking cork reel seat (down locking on the GL 8130)

Premium grade cork upper/lower handle with composite pivot knob

Classy golden caramel finish

Dark olive guide and accent wraps

Chrome snake guides

Ceramic ringed stripper guides

Tough, fabric covered rod case and cloth rod sock

ECHO lifetime warranty